March 29, 2016


Powerful & in control. That's how I feel. That's how an all black outfit makes me feel. I don't understand people who underestimate the power of clothing. Fashion is something more than just the clothes on our bodies. Fashion is a way for us to show the world who we are or who we want to become. With the right clothes you can do anything, you can be anything, you just have to want it enough. And believe me, I want it. I want it bad. And when I wear black, it's like something awakens in me, that beast that's living inside of me. And it's hungry. It's hungry for success. We often forget about our ambitions and tell ourselves that we're satisfied with what we have. But the truth is, I want more. And I'll go and get it, it's waiting for me somewhere, waiting for my beast. And don't worry, I'll get there, even if it means going against the stream.

Maira Gall