November 4, 2015


I have a confession to make, like the majority of my generation I am kind of obsessed with instagram. And I know that others can find my constant hashtagging and picture liking annoying, but there's a certain kind of calmness that comes with scrolling your feed and seeing other people do what they love. And also, it's a great outlet to share the #ootd's and get inspired by other stylish people. But for some reason, I always have felt like I need another platform to share my style posts. Of course, there's Lookbook and Chictopia, but as the years have gone by, their concept starts to feel dated and honestly I still use them just because I feel like I have to. And then something amazing happened, one day not that long ago I was scrolling my twitter feed and came across an app called Feels. I was intrigued by their profile and all the cool streetstyle posts they were sharing, so I headed to play store to download it. And that's when the game changed.


Feels is like a mixture of beautiful streetstyle photography and just pure awesomeness. They also include music and youtube vlogs, but best of all - castings and contests for anyone who's willing to participate.It actually feels like this exclusive club, because all of the posts are approved before going live and that means - only high quality content! It's a real pleasure to the eyes, I literally haven't seen a single blurry mirror selfie or a bad quality pic with one too many filters. Since they're collaborating with STORM Models, you can enter various castings to become the next face of fashion. And hearing how people get modeling contracts based on their instagram pictures, this sounds like it's a real opportunity.


Be sure to check them out and when you do, follow me on Feels @mroldwood. Ok, but now lets get to the actual outfit. It's getting colder by the minute here in Riga, so I basically wear a cozy parka all the time. But I don't really mind, since fall is my favorite season and layering is kind of my thing. And I know that I've talked about this before, but I can really feel my style becoming more and more minimalistic and it feels like it's just gonna continue to go down that path. There's this calmness and sense of control when I wear an all black outfit and since the majority of my closet is black, that is like every other day except for the days when I might feel like adding some color and then I would go for khaki or some grays. And of course, even though it's basically winter, I can't leave the house without sunglasses and I absolutely love these from Giant Vintage. Maybe the fact that I wear sunglasses so much has to do with this song, but I guess we'll never know.






Parka from Ebay
Sunglasses from Giant Vintage (Get them HERE)
Beanie from Tally Weijl
Tee from New Yorker
Vegan Leather Pants from Colloseum
Sneakers from Hi-Tech Sports


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