September 18, 2015


I may not know much about the anatomy of the human body, but I know that "Gray Matter" sounds cool enough to name a blog post after. And while I may sound shallow and uninteresting I would like to think that I am the opposite of that. But don't we all?

But now about more serious things. Yet again I feel like I can't catch up with my own style. The clothes I've bought just two months ago I cannot relate to anymore. I can feel myself being drawn more and more into minimalism. Like a dying star that knows it's faith, I know what's going to happen with my closet over the next few months. I've just done a revision in my closet - some items went into the bin, others to charities and some better ones are destined to be sold to new owners. But minimalism isn't just about the clothes, it's a way of life. Getting rid of needless things will give you a sense of freedom, the feeling that you can just pack up and go anytime you want (If only it would be that easy).




I've decided that I need to stick to a carefully curated color pallete to avoid buying stuff I'll regret buying later. Black, Gray, Khaki (and denim), everyting else is off limits. Off with the colors!



This is an example of what I wear day to day - Jeans, Long fit tee, boots and some amazing shades (like these from Giant Vintage). What do you wear these days?
Sunglasses by Giant Vintage
Long fit tee by New Yorker
Ripped jeans by H&M
Weekend bag by H&M
Vegan boots by H&M

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