July 20, 2015


When I look back at my life I can see that my decisions have made me the person I am today. And even just realizing the fact that life is like dominos is truly scary. Every day I can look back and see that I've changed. And while I am scared of growing older, I see my eighteen-year-old self as a long forgotten foolish broken version of myself. And during this process of change and self exploration, I've noticed that the way I dress has become increasingly more simplistic and centered around a couple of basic principles that I've incorporated into the way I dress. My most recent realization is the fact that over the course of the last year I've worn boots 90% of the time. Whether it rains, snows or the sun's shining - I need my boots.

Most recently I bought these black vegan leather ankle boots from H&M. And when I see something that's cruelty-free and not made out of leather, I just can't pass the opportunity. As you all know, I'm a vegetarian, but recently I've given up all of the animal products including milk & eggs and I'm now 100% powered by plants. I plan to share the story about going vegan in one of my upcoming posts. I've also been quite busy with my sewing machine and have made a couple of great pieces, now I just have to find the time to shoot them and share with you guys. For the time being check out my latest outfit post. Have a nice day wherever you are, dear reader!

Bomber Jacket by H&M
Tee by New Yorker
Denim by H&M
Boots by H&M

All of the pictures are actually taken with my phone this time & by @msblondiex

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