June 2, 2015


As you've probobly noticed, I have commitment issues. It's been way too long since I've posted anything. It's not that I have nothing to show or say, it's just that .. I don't even know. In case you're wondering - no, this is not another boring outfit post, because I actually made the top myself. I really love layers and super long tees, so I really went for it. It actually took me just one evening to make it which makes me think that if I got over my laziness, I could have a whole collection in a month. Yes, I would love to commit to sewing and creating full time, but I do have a day job comepletely unreleated to anything merely creative, so I can't really find the time.



In case you're wondering about my 'alter ego'  - for a while now I've been living under a different name, at least online. I'm a huge privacy freak and I'm all about keeping things to myself. And I love it, especially after I deleted my facebook profile (best decision of the year). My name is Balt & I'm here for good.






I'm wearing:
Top by Myself
Jacket By House
Jeans by H&M

Sneakers by H&M

Photos by Naomi Black / Twitter: @msblondiex

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