September 28, 2014

The September Issue

So Autumn’s here and September’s almost passed. I’m sure we’ve all read one or more September Issues of our favorite magazines. Since my heart belongs to the north, this is the most exciting and the most beautiful time of the year. I get to do layering, wear outerwear and the weather is chilly, what more can you possibly wish for?


When I think about essentials, a faux fur vest is a must for me, so I thought I’d just go on and make one myself. So made this beautiful vest for my girl Laura and let me tell you that it’s a big fucking deal that I made an actual outerwear piece with lining! It took me a few days to make it, but if I would not have a full time job I would have finished it in about a day and a half. Laura says that it’s warm and comfy, she loves it.

She’s actually the girl that takes all of my photos. I know that I can be super annoying with my outfit posts and the need for her to take my pictures, but I just want to use this moment and say thanks to Laura for eduring it and that I love her very much.

This place is called ‘The Castle of Light’, which is actually the Latvian National Library. I totally love the architecture and only wish that Riga had more places like this.But since I’m not a patriot, I see a lot more flaws in this city besides the debris here and there. Is it just too much to ask to take outfit photos on the streets without everyone staring at you with hatred? And it’s something I get to face every day, the minute you look apart from the grey crowd - you’re different and apparantley, that’s bad. But fuck’em, I hope you enjoy the vest that I made! Happy Autumn!
Faux fur vest by Me

Sweater by New Yorker

Thrifted Shirt

Leggings by Sinsay

Bag by House

Sneakers and Ring by H&M

Watch by Parfois

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