July 14, 2014

Writer's block

I’ve been gone, I’ve been lost. I haven’t given my all to this blog, but it seemed like I had lost some creative gene in my body. And I don’t want that to happen again, so this post is like a promise, like a reminder to myself to keep going. During this dark time of mine, I had a lot of second thoughts about this blog and blogging in general. But finally I realised, that I have been doing this since I was sixteen and it’s made me the person I am today. And I don’t feel like giving that part of myself away. And while I did some thinking, I realised where I got lost. It was when I started running for followers and blog stats and everything that comes with it.  So I’ve changed things. I finally changed my blogging platform and simplified everything quite a bit. And I don’t care how many people will read this, all I care about is that posting this makes me happier. And that’s exactly what I’ve missed.

These photos were actually taken about a month ago, but I finally have it in me to post this look, so I hope you’ll enjoy it.




Jacket by New Yorker

Jeans by Bik Bok

Tee by H&M

Beanie by New Yorker

Sneakers by New Yorker

I’ve missed you!

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