July 18, 2014

The New Fashion Capitals: Part 1 - Helsinki

London, Milan, Paris, New York… over and over and over again. The so called Fashion Capitals with their mainstream fashion weeks and countless designers, models, bloggers and everything that comes with it. Don’t you just want something new? Something fresh? New icons, new idols, cities, esthetiques? Well me too! So let me take you on a journey we’ve both been waiting for.

On this series of articles I’ll take you through the new Fashion Capitals in my opinion and I’ve got some amazing fashion-forward locals to guide us through. First stop - Helsinki!

Since Finland is also in the northern Europe, I feel like I can relate to the Finns and their way of life in a way. I have a huge crush on Helsinki, I instantly fell in love with the city when I visited it and have been thinking about going back ever since, so no wonder that Helsinki will be the first stop!

The local trendsetter Martina M tells me that Helsinki is growing in design and fashion all the time. And when you check out the city’s leading streetstyle blog hel-looks.com you really feel the cool quirky vibe of this fashion hotspot. Martina tells me that ‘Streetstyle in Helsinki is very mixed, you have both the fancier dressed people, the vintage lovers and the trend-followers.’ And I can tell from experience that this is something my hometown Riga lacks.

The city is also home for some amazigly talented designers, such as R/H, Minna Parikka, Daniel Palillo, Ivana Helsinki & Samuji to name a few. Helsinki is filled with outstanding boutiques and amazing thrift shops, the Finns are very concious about nature and numeurous local designers are eco-friendly putting nature & environment first.

R/H SS2014 ‘Over the moon’ collection

Ivana Helsinki AW 2014 2015 ‘This is for you gran’ collection

I really admire Martinas unique stlye and if you take a look at her blog, you can find even more stylish looks and inspirig pictures.




I remember wandering around the streets of Helsinki, surrounded by cool shops and fashion-forward people. I remember feeling inspired by everything - the culture, the language, the weather, the architecture. And so I fell in love with the city and I felt it love me back. Just thinking about it makes me want to go back there. And one day I will.

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