March 30, 2014

Consumed by sunshine


You can call me lazy & you can call me boring, but I’ve decided to post my outfit looks as well. So we’ve dumped our winter outerwear & we’ve turned our clocks forward, but the most important thing is that spring is here & it’s staying, at least I hope so.


I used an iPad case with bike print as a clutch bag, I think it’s a very cool solution of when you don’t want to carry your bag with you & all you need is your keys & your phone. Plus, since I forgot my sunglasses and the sun seems to be very aggressive these days, I used it for that as well, very multifunctional if you ask me.

College jacket by Piazza Italia

iPad case/ Clutch bag by Cedarwood State

Thrifted pants by Topshop

Cap by House

Sneakers by Converse

Enjoy the sun while it lasts & have a great week!

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