February 28, 2014

Bai:doo : A nice place


It’s been a while since all the holidays have passed and since the celebration season ended. But it wont take long until new ones will come our way & before you know it, birthdays, anniversaries, parties and graduations will take over your organizer and the never-aging question of ‘what to wear?’ will pop up on your mind again. But if you’re above the average fashion consumer with an eye set out for that special something & appreciate quality then this article might be just for you!

Recently I visited Bai:doo which is this cozy workshop/boutique in Riga owned by designer Baiba Tolpežņikova and over tea we discussed her recently established business & fashion in general. Baiba’s clients are mostly women who highly appreciate quality & original design. Bai:doo is both  feminine & classical, but always with a twist and a dreamy aftertaste. ‘I like my clothes to have a fairytale feeling to them,' says Baiba. 'It may sound very cliche, but I get my ideas from my dreams. I see the clothes in my dreams and then recreate them.’ Although her target audience & clientele is mostly women, Baiba sometimes designs for men as well.

Baiba’s approach to work and her clients could be described as intuitive. ‘Clients come with their own vision of what they imagine and the desirable effect. The minute I get to know the the client, understand the clients background and personal style, everything just evolves naturally.' She always tries to find a healthy balance between what the client wants and her own esthetic 'It’s important not to lose yourself in your work. In the end you’re the designer, not just a tailor.


Bai:doo was officially opened on October 30th with a fashion show in the old town. ‘Right now I’m still just starting out but I have a distinct vision of what I want to do with my career.' In a few years she would like to have her own clothing line, to produce & sell ready-to-wear garments, maybe even export abroad.
When I ask her about the local street fashion, she points out that women in Latvia tend to look over-dressed. ‘I don’t think that you have to make every day a celebration, but you have to be well groomed and comfortable.’ She adds that for celebrations it’s great to make specially tailored garments.


And if you’re looking for that special something with a fairytale feeling, then visit Baiba @ Bai:doo in Riga, Avotu street 23.

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