July 28, 2013



It may seem as if I’m lazy, it may seem as if I’m not dedicated enough. But it’s wrong. I know this is only my first post this July, but I’ve been busy and tired so I’d like to apologize for not posting as frequently as I’d wish.

This time I challenged myself again. I sketched this hooded cardigan with studded leather details and decided to go for it. It’s very unisex, but originally I made it for my friend Laura.

It’s very comfortable and perfect for the summer, I made it from a very light fabric, the leather is fake, of course. The inside of the hood is from a black fabric & I chose 3/4 sleeves ‘cause I always roll them up anyways.





I found these cool chained sunglasses at a local department store for just 1€.

I’m wearing:                                    Laura’s wearing:

Basic T-shirt by H&M                       Basic T-shirt by H&M

Grey denim by Pieces                     Leggings made by me, you can read about it here 

Bracelets by Topman                   Shoes by H&M and bracelet by Sothys

What do you think of this piece? Please share your thoughts in a comment, I’m always happy for your feedback.

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