June 15, 2013

Cut it out


I can’t believe it’s the middle of June! This year June has brought me lots of changes. I am now (and for now) blogging from The Netherlands. I made this t-shirt back in Riga and now is the perfect weather to wear it. I wanted to make a skull cut out, because all of them I’ve seen are a little exaggerated and quite ugly actually, so I tried making something more realistic. The black fabric is sewed underneath and I’m planning to experiment with this technique further - with different colors and fabrics. I’ll definitely try something with fake leather (which I love, as I’ve mentioned many times before).

It’s been hard stuffing my life and my closet in two bags, but somehow I managed it. I took only my favorite clothes & accessories. A lot of things I gave away for charity and it feels great knowing that some people will value it more.



I paired this t-shirt with:
Basic cardigan by Selected
Skinny jeans by H&M
Studded leather bracelet from ebay & DIY studded sneakers

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