May 12, 2013

I've got questions: Interview with Liba Skuja

Lately it’s a lot about first times for me, last time it was the first G&M photoshoot, this time it’s the first interview for my blog. I interviewed Lība Skuja, a girl who definitely stands out in the crowd and is an upcoming designer.

Lība works with a lot of  private clients and makes beautiful accessories as well. “Everything started after I graduated from Riga School of Arts and Crafts, I made things for my friends and acquaintances. Afterwards they recommended me for their friends and on and on and that’s how I developed a wide range of clients." She adds that her target audience definitely is and will be girls and women."I’ve tried sewing for guys and even little pet dogs, but I understood that it’s just not for me. Making women look more beautiful feels closer to my heart.” Asked about the future she says that she never plans things ahead of her. “We’ll see what will happen in the future, I would certainly want something that’s my own - a salon or something like that. But for now I want to learn more and to be knowledgeable in the fashion field.”

Apart from her work, I wanted to find out about her personal style. “One of the key things in my personal style is short boyish hair that I change every other week. I like black color, it takes a big part in my wardrobe, I’m not too obsessed with jewelry, but I do like massive watches and golden chains as well. I love heelless boots, denim, leather & fur. Tattoos & aviator style glasses are essential to me.” She admits that her two style idols at the moment are singer Cassie and model Amber Rose and favorite brands - Chanel & Balmain. “Fashion means a lot to me, you can express the things inside of you through fashion. It’s something that excites me for 100 percent. Personally, I love dressing up and looking posh every day, it’s not a burden but brings me a lot of joy.

When I ask for her thoughts about the local street-fashion scene, she admits that there’s not a lot of people that stand out in the crowd and catch her attention. “Latvia is a very small country and the society worries too much about what others have to say.” She adds, “People need to be themselves more and to create their own style, but instead they mostly run after trends. Currently I can’t stand the maxi pleated skirts anymore”. Well, that’s true, the girls mostly look the same - the pleated skirts are a bore. Fashion is always very current and I’m interested what’s holding her attention at the moment. “As I mentioned, currently I really like Balmain, I think it’s something new, I’m in love with the prints and fabrics - just wow!
Lība in her own designed dressimageAccesories by Lība

image  image


I’m trying to take a new direction in blogging. Interviews and photoshoots are just a few things I plan on doing. I do hope that you like it and find it interesting, I certainly do! Have a great next week everybody, I already have a few things in store for you!

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