May 25, 2013

Fast Fashion


The term ‘fast fashion’ is used for describing the business side of fashion of how trends are captured from the catwalk and produced in the shortest possible amount of time. However, that is not what I want to talk about just yet.

From time to time I love going through old photographs, looking back at the past. And quite often, I think to myself ‘what was I wearing’ or ‘what’s wrong with my hair’. And even if the pictures don’t date back long, I get the feeling like it’s centuries ago. Also, when I’m watching a movie or a music video, I like to pay attention to the smallest of details, clothes and makeup. And if the movie isn’t freshly from the cinema and not old enough to be vintage, I can’t escape but notice how dated the fashion is.
Back in school I was lucky to have a subject like fashion history. And from what I remember, there were centuries with the same trends and no changes. Nowadays it is hard to describe a single season, let alone a whole decade.
If you’ve ever watched ‘Project Runway’, you’ll know how much Heidi Klum likes to say ‘one day you’re in and the next day you’re out.’ It seems like trends change by the hour and to keep up with it, you should change your outfit several times a day. I may be overreacting, but I find it kind of sad. And I feel sad for the people who run along every trend, buying everything that all the magazines say is a ‘must have’. I find people with strong personal style much more fashionable than people who try to look trendy. I rarely care what the current trends are and I’m always guided by what I feel like wearing. One day I may feel like a rockstar and the other I may dress up real classy.
Diversity is what I love about fashion. Keep calm and be yourself.

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