May 27, 2013

Double Leather

I haven’t done outfit posts yet, but I can already say that it’s a lot of fun. I wanted to show the sweater that I made just yesterday. I’ve talked a lot about how much I love leather, so I finally made something nice for myself - Grey sweater with leather sleeves. (I’ve mentioned I prefer fake leather, cause I care for animals, recently I’ve decided to stop eating meat as well & guess what - I’ve never felt better)

May 25, 2013

Fast Fashion


The term ‘fast fashion’ is used for describing the business side of fashion of how trends are captured from the catwalk and produced in the shortest possible amount of time. However, that is not what I want to talk about just yet.

May 12, 2013

I've got questions: Interview with Liba Skuja

Lately it’s a lot about first times for me, last time it was the first G&M photoshoot, this time it’s the first interview for my blog. I interviewed Lība Skuja, a girl who definitely stands out in the crowd and is an upcoming designer.

May 5, 2013

'F' for First

This is the first of hopefully many photoshoots I’m doing for this blog. This time I wanted to show off the maxi skirt that I made. First of all, I’m no pro tailor, I just try to make things that I like and experiment a lot to see how far can I go with it. For now it’s a hobby that I hope to turn into work one day. So I’ve decided to share some of my designs and I’ll start with this beautiful skirt that I made for my friend recently. She absolutely loves them and is rocking it in this shoot.

Maira Gall