April 14, 2013



Days have passed and I’ve found the time & the energy to write about what I’ve seen in Riga Fashion Week AW13/14. As always, I am going to be honest, if I don’t like something - I say it. If I hate something, I say it even louder. I had the chance to go to fashion shows by Ieva Daugirdaitė, Comeforbreakfast, Nóló, Lena Tsokalenko & Irina Skladnova. I’m going to write about the good, the bad, the great & the horrible.

 Ieva Daugirdaitė (Lithuania)

This was the first show I went to. I was running late and feeling excited, looking forward to the next three days and the upcoming fashion shows.The entire collection consisted of leather outwear, dresses and skirts. And while I do love the ‘leather look’, I had completely forgotten that patent leather(shiny leather) even existed. There were some shiny leather over-sized trench coats which reminded me of what people wore in the 90’s in a very bad way. Overall, I didn’t like the collection besides maybe two outfits, I found the rest quite horrible.
What the hell is this?image

One of the few I found likeable

Comeforbreakfast (Italy)

If I have to compare it to the show I just wrote about, this was way better. I loved the colors and the garments used in this collection, as I’ve mentioned before, I’m not the fan of bright and neon colors. This collection felt dark and urban yet rural at the same time. And what I noticed in not only this show, but all the shows in general - there’s a lot of layers and over-sized clothes. I’m not sure tho if I like it or not, but what I do know is that I don’t love it. Especially I liked the coats and parkas which looked pretty unisex and the vintage-weird-looking prints were great. What ruined the feeling for me was the local male models. I mean seriously? Is the situation that bad in Latvia? The guys looked like they’re randomly picked from the street, It hurt my eyes, really. I liked the headbands all the models had, but the shoes were a little wtf for me.

image   image  image


Nóló (Latvia)

This was the first local designers fashion show that I went to and as much as I’d like to be a patriot, I can’t. I found it horrible & wrong. There wasn’t a single outfit that I fully liked, mostly I hated everything. I really wanted to like it - the collection was dark and and had a little of that mystic spark, but it didn’t work for me at all. Some of the garments made the models look fat and uncomfortable and you could read it all in their faces. It was supposed to look strong and independent, but the girls faces said something else. Personally, I find velvet a horrible garment, it looks bad and gives you a bad feeling when you touch it. Then why the hell is it a trend? Why use it? Why would you want to wear it? It’s ugly! The show felt really long, with lots of senseless outfits, overall it just made me feel angry. Angry that this is what my small homeland is showing to the world and that I didn’t get into fashion school and someone as awful as this probably did. Anger is not the emotion you would usually expect to get from a fashion show, but this time it’s exactly how it made me feel.

Velvet makes you look fat!image

Lena Tsokalenko (Belarus)

I didn’t love this collection, but right there watching it in person, I liked the overall emotion the collection made me feel. It was calm and a little depressive melancholic. But now that I look at the pictures, I dislike the most of the collection. After the show a friend described it to me as ‘Homeless orphan’ & it’s actually a very good description of the collection. And there goes velvet again - why? Some of the garments looked like old curtains and there were a lot of garments with panes which looked like blankets from a shelter. I guess the designer really went for the poverty theme - Will this be the new trend? Though I did like the fact that the models had nearly no make up, it just highlighted the orphanage feeling.

Blanket from the shelterimage 
Velvet curtains
No bra for the poor?

Irina Skladnova (Latvia)

My last show this fashion week & this is the only one about whom I can’t really say anything bad. I loved it! It was like a perfect ending of a bad movie. It was wearable fashion with lots of attitude. This is something that people would actually buy. Loved the leather outfits & the Swarowski (I guess) details. I would love to see if she ever made a collection for men as well, I think it would be totally my style. And finally, I saw something local & great.

image  image  image  image

I am sorry if this post was too long for you, but I finally feel relieved that I’ve gathered all my thoughts and shared them. Please note that this is a very subjective opinion, what I hate, others love and the other way around. But I always stay true to what I believe in and don’t let others influence me. I’ve heard a lot of good reviews about the designers I was hard on, but that doesn’t change the way I feel about them.
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Have a great next week everybody!

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