April 22, 2013

Is Jesus trending?


In the past few years we’ve seen a lot of  religion themed fashion trends - crosses, rose crowns, biblical icons & other wonders. But the thing that I just can’t manage to understand is the one that I see on the streets every day. I see at least three or four Jesus-looking guys on a daily basis. Long beards, weird hats, horrible hair, long coats, glasses & homeless-looking clothing. And these are not homeless persons at all - 20, 30-something guys with jobs, girlfriends and families. I don’t really get the ‘beard thing’ as well, you get to see that in fashion ads and music videos, but all that comes to my mind is - Why?

I don’t see how that can even be considered fashionable and what is motivating this new trend. Maybe they’re a bunch of new cult leaders or radical environmentalists saving their money on shampoo and clothes. Or maybe it’s ultimate level of hipster, cause personal grooming is overrated and too mainstream.
All that I’m sure of is that the ‘Jesus look’ is taking over the city and that I hate it from all my heart. Have you spotted the Jesus look on the streets yet or is it just me?


Patrick Petitjean. Photographer Nathaniel Goldberg

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