March 30, 2013

'Eco' in Fashion and Gudrun og Gudrun

The competition in the fashion retail business in tough these days, it seems like you have to have it all - the trend, the quality & the best price for people to buy your product. But what’s good isn’t always cheap. So I decided to write about ‘quality’ in fashion.

These days people choose more natural products - food, cosmetics and clothes as well. And while natural fabrics are more expensive, you can be sure that the quality is higher and you get the feeling that you’re helping the environment somehow. But if we’re talking about fur and leather, I prefer fake, ‘cause I don’t want animals to die just because I want new shoes.
Last year I went on an amazing trip to Faroe Islands. I had wanted to go there ever since I found out about the magical place and I was familiar with the Faroese best-known designer Gudrun og Gudrun. And I was so happy that I had a chance to visit their store in Tórshavn. G&G are known for being organic, environmental-friendly and for their handmade products. As sheep wander freely all over the rocky Faroe Islands, their garments are mostly made from yarn and lambskins. No animals are killed for the purpose of fashion, they use only waste products, for example, fish are caught for eating and they make use of the skins for their accessories line.
In Faroe Islands everything, even fashion, seems to be in balance with nature. And, in my opinion, it’s a perfect example for the whole world. And while the big brands produce their garments massively in China or Bangladesh, Gudrun & Gudrun have a team of local knitters. On their website they proudly say: “We know every one of the knitters by name and our ambition is to always be proud and happy when looking them into their eyes.”
In addition photos from my visit in Gudrun og Gudrun 




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