March 16, 2013



I guess it’s spring. You can’t tell it by the weather, but you can tell it by walking in any fashion store. After all the winter collections are sold out with big discounts, the shelves are full of SS13. And just like any other year, we’re tired from the winter and the darkness and look forward to something bright and sunny. And by ‘we’, I mean the most of society and no, I don’t count myself to the most of society.

I’m really sick of all of the fast-fashion stores trying to copy each other so much that their products have only minor differences. And what I’m really sick of is trends being predictable. The ‘it’ trend for spring is Floral, as always. The same senseless flower prints on every fucking thing - floral leggings, floral blouses, floral sweaters, shoes, accessories, pants, dresses, skirts. When I see all that shit, it just makes me frustrated. In my opinion, their target audience are twelve-year-old girls who read shit magazines like ‘JOY’, who tell them that floral pants is a must have. Personally, I hate it, same shit again and again. It’s depressing, not even mentioning the fact that it’s quite ugly.
My hate object in this article is gonna be ‘Seppälä’. When I walked in their store yesterday, the first thing that I saw was a  huge poster saying ‘Stand out in the floral print outfit’. At that moment, I started laughing. Mostly stores have a good merchandising (but not all) and a model dressed in that shit actually looks good. But the local average customer is not a trendy skinny girl. It’s an average-looking girl with probably bad hair and without makeup. And she would really stand out in the floral print outfit, but not in a good way.
P.S. I would like to apologize for not committing to this blog and writing as much as I’d like. It’s just that lately I’ve felt like I’ve lost myself a little and wasn’t quite sure which way to go with this blog. Several times I started writing new posts, but came to a dead end. But finally I feel that I’ve found the right direction for myself. I’d call it - Fashion Hate Blogging. I’m sure that some people will dislike me and what I write, but this is the place where I can be honest.
Hello, my name is Aleksis and I am a Fashion Hate Blogger.

Q: What do you think of the Floral trend?
imageHate it.imageAnnoying.

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