January 9, 2013

Warm vs Good-looking

Me and winter have had a very special relationship since I can remember myself. The day I was born, the world was wrapped in deep snow and ever since then, I’ve loved winter. Some years I want it less, some years I want it more, but whenever the first snow falls, there’s always a smile on my face. I like the world so white, it’s so simple, uncomplicated, so minimalistic. But what I don’t like sometimes is the cold. Whenever the temperature drops low, that’s when I start to question my love for winter and my wardrobe.

I always feel like there are only two options - to feel warm and look like crap or to be freezing but gorgeous. Usually, I choose option number two. I just hate those thick jackets and coats who are supposed to make you feel warm, but instead you feel and look like an idiot.
Maybe I am an idiot and choose looking good instead of being warm, but at least I don’t look like one. So this year I’m wearing not-so-warm-looking jacket and whenever the temperature goes really low, I throw on a down feather west. I feel like it’s a compromise between me and winter - I don’t feel like an idiot and I’m not freezing as well.
And in the competition of Warm vs Good-looking. Good-looking wins for me. What are your thoughts? Who wins for you?

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